Niece has scarf request and I am clueless...can you help me out here?

  1. My niece has expressed a desire for the following Xmas gifts:

    Ugg boots

    Pima sneakers

    A long rectangular Hermes scarf in a thin fabric that has purple in it.

    I think I can handle the first two, but I am mystified on the last one. Anyone have any idea what she may be referring to?
  2. Does she mean a Twilly?

    The Hermes website doesn't have many styles, but your local H store would have more options with purple.
  3. A mousseline stole PM?
  4. I don't have a clue either, but can I be your niece, too?
  5. Um....

    a twilly or maybe a losange :shrugs:
  6. I agree with Rose.
  7. could it be a cashmere shawl? There is one that sort of fades from light to darker purple. It is like a pashmina.
    official name is ALTI ROYAL RING shawl
  8. My first instinct was a losange...but, now I'm worried it might be a twilly! Can you ask her to be more specific?

    And can you adopt me too?!
  9. A Mousseline stole can cost 650.US (fleurs de fuchsia)
  10. I just went to Hermes and checked them out. Yikes! Now, I am wild about my niece, and I certainly dont want to appear cheap, but this is the price of a cello!

    Unfortunately, the UGG boots are completely sold out online everywhere until February, so her wish list is getting a little problematic. The UGG store is nearby so I will walk up there tomorrow.
  11. jedi- journeys also sells uggs. check them out if they don't have the ones she wants at the ugg stores.
  12. jedimaster, your niece has great taste. :smile:
  13. She Sure Does!!!!!:yes:;)
  14. Jedi - When faced with an out of stock shoe/boot for my teen, I opt for the gift card and that works perfectly! Then off she goes the day after Christmas armed with gift cards and having a great shopping day with her friends!!!!

    As far as the long purple scarf from Hermes....well, she's got to clean her room once or twice a year before she gets anything THAT pricey from her old Mom......LMAO!!!
  15. Truthfully, I think she is asking for something that she is not even sure exists. What you are describing can be found at Missoni, Etro or perhaps Loro Piana. They all do long cashmere scarves and many of them do have purple. I think the Missoni would be a younger look that would work the best for her.