Nicole Richie's Prada bag - so sweet

  1. this bag was posted in the celeb thread and was in People Mag's star tracks. does anyone know the price of the bag and if it's available yet. i was in the prada store, and saw a tiny black satin one in the 900 range, but the SA didn't know which Nicole one i was referring to. i really like this one.
  2. Love This!
  3. So cute, I really like the color too.
  4. I can't stand the foul mouth little creature but her choice of style is superb!:wlae:
  5. i like the little prada bag too, classy!
  6. well the picture makes her look innocent...

    but does anyone know this bag?????
  7. so cute, i love it!
  8. If I remember correctly, I saw the black version at both Barney's (in BH, CA) and NM (Newport Beach, CA).
  9. Wow - the bag is beautiful. Nicole does have great taste in accessories!
  10. I love this bag!! Too bad it's no longer available...I haven't bought myself a Christmas present yet! :p
  11. pretty!
  12. I saw the Black version at Barney's BH (310-276-4400) and NM Fashion Island (800-395-1036).
  13. Is there a leather version for this bag? It's stunning!