Nicole Richie out & about in Beverly Hills (05/30/07)

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  2. tisk tisk...any day now.
  3. She looks painfully thin... :sad:
  4. She has nice legs
  5. The girl sure does love her Balenciaga City! She never wears any other handbag.

    I agree, she looks very thin....:s
  6. I like her shoes :smile:
  7. Is she putting on weight? I think her legs are looking a bit better than before :smile:
    I love her bag :sad: lol
  8. I love her bbag and her shoes!!! I hate the headband thing.
  9. i agree... maybe it's just the angle, but she looks like a completely different person than she did the other day when she was photographed in that orange dress shopping w/ mischa...
  10. i like her legs!
  11. Why on earth would anybody living later than in the 80's wear that head band?
    She looks really thin.
  12. she has great legs!
  13. I love her shoes!!!