Nicole Looks Like She Has Lost More Weight

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    Today, super-skinny Nicole Richie almost disappears behind her trademark giant sunglassses . . .
  2. I love her outfit, but it would look a lot better if you couldnt see her bones through the skin on her chest!
  3. she's cute, but dang doesn't she get hungry sometimes?
  4. I kinda feel bad for her. She must really be going through something since her weight fluctuates so much.
  5. So thin looking, I wish she would eat!
    Her hair is almost as big as her body!
  6. She is looking so old
  7. She looks ridiculous with those ginormous sunglasses and too-long, too-ratty extensions. She's so frail and hunched over ... kinda looks like Gollum. :yucky:
  8. [​IMG]
  9. I think she looks good here...I honestly cannot tell whether she's lost more weight or is maintaining the same weight. But I do like the outfit/sunglasses/shoes.
  10. Her outfit is cute...but she does look a little scary...
  11. Exactly!
  12. I think it really depends on the angle the photo is taken from because I think she looks really good here...:love:

  13. She looks gorgeous, but I think she looked better with shorter hair. She does need to eat though.
  14. To me, she doesn't look as skinny as she did before though... Her outfit and bag and shoes are cool.

    More importantly, where is she shopping? :p
  15. She looks much worse in the first pictures.

    In the other two though I think she looks gorgeous....she does look super skinny but not too extreme I don't think.