Nicole & Brody Dine Out

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  1. :P
    nicolerichiebrodyjennerchow.jpg nicolerichiebrodyjennerchow4.jpg
  2. uhh what the eff is she wearing.. but he looks hawt. *swoon*
    they look so hunnymoon happy. its amazing!

    but it makes me jealous
  3. she looks happy
  4. Are they dating? They have been spending alot of time together.
  5. I like her dress! lol
  6. Cute pictures:
    nicolebrody2.jpg nicole%26brody1.jpg
  7. I like the way she dresses, its funky.
  8. I could never make that dress work for me, but she pulls off prints very well...she still looks so thin to me though, but at least she's happy!
  9. I think they look very cute together.
  10. I'm glad she looks great and happy.:smile:
  11. they look hot togehter. shes sooo thin though

    ok who is he though??
  12. wasn't he dating that chick from laguna beach?

    I think the dress looks great on her cuz she's too skinny to wear fitted clothes
  13. thank you for sharing!
  14. BTBF.. random pics...?...who are they of?
  15. i actually like the dress