Nicole and Joel Ready for Baby

  1. Pregnant Nicole Richie and Joel Madden visiting doctor's office in Beverly Hills seem ready for baby August 31, 2007

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  4. I glad to see she's taking her pregnancy seriously....
    She seems to be a bit more responsible....I hope it lasts.......
  5. I must say Nicole is looking pretty good these days I hope she keeps this new attitude she's responsible for two now..
  6. ITA with the last 2 posts. She's been looking amazing and I hope this baby is the reason she turns her life around. What a blessing.
  7. I feel the same way. She looks much better than before, and I think she really cares about this baby and is becoming more responsible.
  8. She looks so healthy!
  9. I hope she keeps everything in check after the baby too...she looks happy and at ease.
  10. she looks tiny, but a lot healthier than before.
  11. She looks GOOD and those SHOES:drool: OMG:graucho: THey are SEXY as HELL
  12. ^ i was looking at the same thing! :drool: