nice LV...

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  1. [​IMG] another website I found in the back of town and country!
  2. That's gorgeoussssss
  3. sunshine, let us know if you find any more great online consignment stores!
  4. THE BAG IS STUNNING!!!:love: Did you get it?
  5. NO!!! I did not get it! Nor will I! I love my LV's but 3,000 is my cut off for a bag. Plus living in Key West...I just do not wear black enough! I have had fun finding these consigment shops! I never buy anything from them but I swear one day Im going to stumble upon a GREAT find and I will snatch it up! They are fun to look at! I think this one is simliar to the one Star got for VD day?
  6. I think Star has one of those! They are soo pretty too. I love it.
  7. A little too small for me. The style is cute though.
  8. That is cute! I like that a lot! Pricey though eh?
  9. good price. i would buy it, except tht i dont like black. i like red better.
  10. Cute, but not really my style :biggrin:
  11. it's cute!
  12. I like! If it were just a bit bigger it would be perfect.
  13. Star has two pieces from that line, lucky lady =)

    Anyways I saw a green one in some pochette style over the summer and it was absolutely GORGEOUS in person. too bad it was $2000+