NHL ladies at tPF?

  1. Anyone up on their hockey here? I *know* I can't be the only purse-totin', jersey wearin', PO-obsessed member here! Oh, pleeeease don't let me be!


    I'm a Devils fan, have been for almost a decade.

    Anyone, anyone????
  2. I am not a hockey fan, but I used to be the live-in nanny to Gary Bettman, Commissoner of the NHL; it was interesting to know players were calling the house with contract questions, etc. I got to go to the All-Star game in Montreal which was a lot of fun.

    The job itself was tough; those poor kids (especially the youngest) were basically ignored by their parents.
  3. I've seen Comm. Bettman around a number of times recently. He was dining at the next table in a Times Square restaurant recently.

    I wanted to throw rocks at him. :yucky: But, alas, my little Fendi did not contain rocks with which I might accomplish this task. :p

    Seriously, I dislike the man, but I may just know the persona. What's he like?
  4. Will ECHL do? :graucho:

    DH (and me until I had to have back surgery) are off-ice for the Charlotte Checkers (who got the snot beat out of them in the playoffs last night, so they're out). He's Mr. Penalty box and I'm Ms. Plus-Minus.

    And even though they lost out early on this, at least until this year's playoffs are over, we have the Stanley Cup Champs in NORTH CAROLINA! HA!

    :dothewave: :dothewave: :dothewave::dothewave: :dothewave:
  5. I follow the russian series (which apparently is a lot less entertai.. ehm, I mean violent than NHL), and my team is SKA St. Petersburg :woohoo: I only got my eyes up for it this fall as hockey isn't really popular around here - I love it though!
  6. Have you guys noticed the Google ads above the Quick Reply window? One NHL site, one hockey jersey site and one handbag site! So I think I'll order a Carolina Hurricane's jersey, watch the playoffs while caressing my new Gucci. :roflmfao:

    And DH thinks handbags and hockey aren't compatible. :graucho:
  7. I work a second job for the current Stanley Cup champs. :graucho:
  8. Heck Yeah.
    True blood canadian hockey fan!!! Hubby is a huge Devils fan, he almost cried when Scott Stevens retiered(sp) The rest of us are Flames fans! Even though Calgary is struggling a little at the moment, Kipper and crew are going to pull it out.:woohoo:
  9. As a Native Southern Cali girl, but MN transplant, I LOVE:heart: NHL. Not to mention my DH is a hockey player, so the playoffs are on our TV. Go Wilds! (Just joking, go Anaheim!!!!!):dothewave: :party: :dothewave:
  10. ^^you mean, go San Jose!
  11. YES YES YES!!! Big Canucks fan here - no NHL in Seattle so they're the closest.

    We have the Seattle Thunderbirds, our junior level hockey team here - great (cheap!) night at the Key Arena every time!!!

    I also play in a co-ed adult league here at home year 'round. Beer league hockey, anyone?

    Best game in the world!!
  12. Prada, you are my long lost cousin I swear ;) . Just substitute a Canucks jersey here and my new Prada and we've got the same post!

    Congrats on your Gucci, BTW! :heart: