Next LV... Which one?

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  1. I'm about to start the process of finding the next bag I want in my collection. Do I get the Neverfull GM Damier Azur to complete my GM trifecta with my Monogram and Damier Ebene or... get this quirky beauty?

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  2. Strictly my personal opinion, but I’d complete the trifecta and stay classic!
  3. If you can swing the bright color, I say go for that one! Classics will always be available and able to buy at anytime. This one will not.
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  4. My vote goes to Damier Azur. Very elegant and perfect for beautiful sunny days.
    Strictly my opinion, but this NF Géant is a monstrosity.
  5. Get the classic. You will have more clothing options, its timeless and you know will love it forever:smile:
  6. Classic option. If the limited edition were some designs on simple monogram I'd go for it. But in this case, this whole bag is really too adventurous.
  7. I vote for completing the trifecta. I like the classics. I do love the pops of color with some of the new collections from LV but only with SLGs.
  8. GM Azur.

    That limited bag will look dated this time next year.....
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  9. I would agree with sticking to the classics. The color palettes on this current line of the Neverfull is quite unattractive in my opinion.
    Love your comment at @fabuleux! :smile::heart:
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  10. You called it a quirky beauty, so I say buy it and have fun with it. Then sell in 6-12 months before it's loses its value and use the money to buy the DA GM Neverfull. I'd guess you'll break even, or close to it.