Next Floormodel?

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  1. I don't know if this has been asked recently- but does anybody know what the next march floormodel will consist of- besides the parker bags?
    I m hoping for something else, not sure what thou... :confused1:

    I know its only February 1st, but I am too curious and can't wait..... I m hoping there will be more than parker...
  2. #2 Feb 2, 2009
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2009
    If you do a search for new floorset, you will find some info. The new floorsets are almost always the 2nd to last Friday of the month, unless a holiday causes them to reschedule (thanksgiving, etc.). My guess is around Feb. 20th. HTH!
  3. I was told FEB 16th.... by a SA at the Boutique I go to...
  4. My guess also. The 20th is four weeks from the last floorset: January 23rd.
  5. I know that the new floorset always comes out a week before the next month- but my question was if anybody knows WHAT will be included besides parker?
  6. Parker has a lot of items in it, so I am not sure much more will be included. Maybe the new signature stripe, if anything?
  7. Does anyone know if a new floorset is coming soon? I know PCE starts tomorrow but I rather wait until everything is out and the website is updated so I know I'm not missing out on anything :tup:
  8. The PCE will end before the new floorset is out, but many of the items are available to order now. It's almost always the last week of the month. Wed for online, fridays for boutiques.
  9. The new floorset is already out, usually the stores reveal their new floorset on the last friday of any given month. All the new stuff is on the website, so go nuts! You're not missing out on anything. Although if you go to the store, you can ask them about the Parker collection that's coming out in March.
  10. The one that comes out on the 15/16th is a refresh, usually the big changes come out at the end of the month.
  11. I m still hoping for a gray sabrina with PCE. I have one more gift card and i got a pce on the bay, that i'd love to use on my last coach purchase of this "quarter"... I wanted to say this "year" but that dosen't sound reasonable :angel: