Next Chloé "it" bag??????

  1. i do not like this at all.
  2. Sorry, I dont love it either.
  3. I like this one. I really like this shape of bag.
  4. Can't say i like it. I think the Mulberry Elgin looks better! Check it out at NAP. Then again, i love Mulberry!
  5. eh, pass.
  6. It's too "Indiana Jones" for me ...
  7. Is it supposed to look wrinkly?
  8. Guess I'm in the minority then...I think it's neat. :amuse:
  9. I like it too! But I'd rather buy the paddy or the Silverado.
  10. it looks more like a school bag...nah...i pass.
  11. I think I'd pass on this as well, and join the paddington lineup !
  12. It's all right. Nothing about it really stands out to me. I'll stick with the paddy and silverado :love:
  13. I like that..I wonder how much it cost? I could see myself carrying that bag to work;) he he..
  14. It's listing for around $1200 on Bergdorf Goodman, so a bit less than the Paddy or Silverado.
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