News (To me, and maybe you!) Yellow MAB/MAM

  1. Many of us, including myself had thought there would be a solid yellow MAB/MAM coming out this season with the new custom hardware. After much poking around and irritating salespeople (namely those at Rebecca Minkoff's office), I now finally know that there are at this point in time only two MAB/MAM styles in yellow available, and they are the one with the pyramid studs pictured below (from the Resort Collection) and the one with silver metallic trim and flap (from the Spring Collection) pictured below.

    I hope this helps some of you who were thinking about ordering the MAB or MAM. I had assumed that the yellow would be identical to the tangerine (with the exception of the color of course) but I now know that I was wrong.

    So, the bottom line ladies, is if you are in the market for the MAB/MAM in yellow, be sure you know that you have two options: The yellow with silver trim and the distressed yellow with stud detail, which are both very different but very gorgeous!
    18595-viewsize300-front.jpg yellowmab.jpg rebtang.jpg
  2. gung, you're the best!

    i think im gonna have to jump on the tangerine bandwagon too. it's soooo pretty im drooling. the yellow with silver is pretty too. i wish the other yellow didn't have studs though.
  3. ^Me too
  4. i am now kinda on the bandwagon for the tangerine also until 360 hears back from RM if i can get my all black mam instead.
  5. thanks - that is helpful news indeed!
  6. This was pretty confusing. Thanks Gung!
  7. Is the trim sliver or a lighter yellow patent? Yellow & silver is such a beautiful combination, but this bag is a little jeune fille for me.
  8. Gung...thank you so much for finding that out! I'm kind of bummed though, I like the plain yellow one the best, but don't like the studs. But I love EVERYTHING else about the bag. Don't know if I can get past the studs though or just get a yellow bag from a different designer. hmpgh.
  9. GOsh that pale Yellow is sooo pretty, the leather looks so soft and smooshy. But AGAIN those studs are poo-poo :sad:
  10. Our fearless GUNG, thank you for your tireless recon missions! I personally would love to see RM do a darker, rich yellow - like Balenciaga jaune/marigold...
  11. so is the yellow/silver available in both sizes-- MAB and MAM?
  12. i feel the same way. thanks for all the research Gung. Maybe it's my dayquil infused haze, but can you clarify whether the spring yellow/silver will be a MA and MAM or just a MA?
  13. ^I think it is both
  14. I saw one at my internship that was silver and bright yellow (electric!)
  15. Hmm...not liking the silver trim on yellow. The tangerine looks almost like a brown, which might make it easier to wear. I don't know about what to match with yellow!