news tidbit: Chanel "Naked Bag" ????

  1. I noticed this brief item recently in Women's Wear Daily:

    O SAY CAN YOU SEE?: Leave it to Karl Lagerfeld to react quickly to changes in modern life - even troubling ones - and find a positively chic solution. When a terror scare in London last month evoked a ban on liquid items and gels on airplanes, forcing some passengers to tote carry-on items in clear plastic bags, the designer had a better idea. He dreamed up the "Naked Bag" for Chanel, transparent but with a subtle quilting pattern, dark piping and signature chain handles. Although an important vacation month in France, Lagerfeld said he "had the Chanel factories opened to have them made in a second..." Available in a variety of sizes and styles, the clearly modern accessories are slated to arrive in Chanel boutiques soon.
  2. Chanel has done see through vinyl bags in the past. There are plenty for resale on eBay. It's not a new concept.
  3. hmm im trying to imagine what would that look like
  4. I have a pink transparent bag......much like the ones on Ebay....clear with the large CC's. I originally bought it as a diaper bag.....but haven't used it as one because I bought the Gucci diaper bag that can attach to the stroller. I am in Manhattan so I almost always have to take the stroller with me.

    I wonder what it will look like with quilting.....
  5. My SA showed me a press release with a pic yesterday. I didn't like it. It is large. I didn't notice the quilting, but then the pic was just a xerox copy. I didn't look that carefully at it since a see-thru bag is just not my thing. I just don't like everyone seeing everything inside my bag.