news about SAs and commission?

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  1. I just wanted an update on the status of the SAs at Louis Vuitton. Are they now paid commission like the rumors said here on the forums? I can't seem to find the thread where this is mentioned so I wanted to know what the outcome was.
  2. i think CornishMon was the one that mentioned it and it have been posted on a few thread. Dont remember which one exactly but supposedly they started this since late Feb.
  3. My SA and local boutique manager confirmed that they are now on commission. Also explains why every SA I have worked with in the last 2 years has reached out this season. I personally don't care for this.
  4. i been to a couple of LV that doesn't offer friendly service, hence why i prefer to order online most of the time. do you think this will change their attitude as far as customer service is concern?
  5. If its true, it could be a double edged sword. Perhaps there will be better customer service if its lacking but returning something could come with more scrutiny as well.
  6. I shop at many different LV boutiques around the west, from Seattle to Vegas, and have nothing but fantastic service at each of them. I always wondered if they are on commission or not, but either way the SAs are so friendly. They even hold my little dog (who's usually with me) while I try on different bags. I'm 100% loyal to LV - I believe in the quality of their products and consistently great service.
  7. interesting.

    Does anyone know how much they get per bag or item they sell ?
  8. IDK why I feel this way-but they should have hourly wages. Not commission based salary.
  9. I hate that they make commission...I usually don't buy where people are on commission because you never ever know if it's the commission loving it on me or if they are being honest...sorry...imho
  10. I don't like the idea of them being on commission. I think people tend to get pushy when their income is based on commission.
  11. Well that will probably change things for sure, and not for the better.
  12. I wonder if LV is paying the SAs commission now because many customers have complained about the service? It's a way to motivate them to work harder and hoping it'd bring out the best performance out of them. I thought it was strange how I received an email survey within 24 hours after my visit to this one LV store just a few weeks ago. It looks like LV might be looking for ways to improve their customer service now, which is always a good thing. However, I just hope it won't become like Chanel, where the SAs only care about their own clients and they don't really help each other...
  13. I kind of feel bad now...I bought a bag and SLG this morning and the SA worked with me almost an hour. While I was there a professional athlete and his wife came in, less than five minutes later they had purchased a huge piece of luggage and the other SA got the sale! They spent almost three times what I did .
  14. I really dislike the whole commission idea regarding SAs, not only at LV but anywhere, since it often leads to pushy behavior and saying anything to make a sale. I found it interesting that several of LV's SAs have been suddenly been calling me lately and now I know why.
  15. They still receive their regular salary. The commission is minimal, but an incentive to provide better customer service and be more attentive. It is the first time in the history of Louis Vuitton that they changed their pay structure.