Newness! Wapity & Pocket Agenda!

  1. Okay, so I didn't really publicize it much, I've been a little busy lately. But I picked up a monogram Wapity the other day in celebratory fashion of my new job! Then on Saturday for the SoCal Meet, I got caught up in the buying everyone did, and bought a Damier Pocket Agenda!! :yahoo: haha. I :love: the Damier! It's such a nice contrast from all the monogram I have already.

    And the Wapity is sooooooo useful! It's become second nature, like my iPod, when I go out and take it with me. I can't leave home without it! :yes: And I definitely notice when I have it, people are totally looking at it! :biggrin: Tee Hee! No one ever looks at my pocket agenda / checkbook wallet.

    just had to share! no one else will understand my purchases! lol.
    damier_1.jpg damier_2.jpg damier_3.jpg wapity_1.jpg wapity_2.jpg wapity_3.jpg wapity_4.jpg wapity_5.jpg
  2. Wow. I see the big booty of the wapity. BTW, is your ISO turned up? Or is it a camera phone picture?
  3. i used my webcam. i bought it a while ago, but it was one of the better top of the line models. hence it is able to sharpen focus on close or far objects and blur the rest, and all that jazz.
  4. Love them both! Congrats on some nice purchases... and on the new job!
  5. Such Fabulous Purchases! Congrats Again On The New Job!
  6. Congrats! Love them both!
  7. Awesome purchases!!
    I :heart: the Wapity!
  8. beautiful! congrats on your new LV pieces!!!
  9. Gorgeous pieces! Once again, congratulations on your new job :amuse:

    Do post pictures from the SoCal Lunch. I'm really mad I couldn't make it. Next time though :yes:
  10. Congrats! Nice additions!
  11. Congrats! Enjoy them. Congrats on your new job too!
  12. Love your purchases! Any pics from the So cal meeting?
  13. YAY! I love the damier pocket agenda. I actually use mine as a checkbook holder though, hehe. :smile:
  14. yup that's what i use mine as! i cut up all my credit/debit/check cards (ALL OF THEM to curb my spending!) so this forces me to spend only money i have with checks. haha.
  15. Congrats on your purchases!