Newest Louis Vuitton Purchase!!

  1. Today I went into the Louis Vuitton store to purchase the porte cles a vernor keychain for my Viva-cite GM. Inside my handbag, there is a little hook for your keys and I just had to have one! There were a few other items that were quite tempting and it was hard to hold back but I went in there for the keychain and that is what I came out with! But I really liked the Natural Hide Fortune keychain too as it turned out, a little too pricey for me so I had to hand it back. Maybe I will ask my hubby to buy it for me! :smile:

    I have attached photos of my new purchase, please feel free to comment. Thanks!;)



  2. All I can say is congrats!
  3. By the way that bag in you avatar is a...
  4. congrats congrats congrats
  5. Congrats! Thanks for sharing!:love: :smile:
  6. Cool, seems very handy when you need to look for keys
  7. Great little piece! If you have a pochette, you can also use it to extend the strap :smile:
  8. Congrats !
  9. Viva-Cite GM
  10. 0o0o0o that key chain thingy is great for all LV pieces!!! congrats!!!
  11. Congrats on your new pieces!!
  12. Your bag looks good on you! I have its little sister!
  13. Congratulations! I love your bag in your avatar, it is so pretty and you don't see it around too often, at least not here!
  14. Congrats! ( I love the bag in your avatar too)
  15. Cute! Isn't that the same one that some people use to extend their Pochette Accessoires strap?
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