Newest Ebay Scam

  1. One of the regular eBay Purse Board posters is warning about new attempts to steal email addys and passwords. If you get any emails asking you if the size of your bag is similar to the one in the photo they've attached, do NOT click on the photo or attachment!

    Here's a copy of the current posts:

    "I just recieved an email from, what I suspect, to be an attempt to hijack my account. They first send a question through the eBay message center, and if you by chance forget to check the box to block your email addy, they then will send an attachment in the form of a pic, asking you if the size of your purse or item is the size of the one they have supplied in their pic .

    In my case, they presented themselves to be a confused potential bidder who was just not certain of the size of my handbag. They first sent a question via eBay's message center to get my email addy, and then sent an email stating that they knew the size of my bag was stated to be a medium, but if I didn't care to view the pic they took of themselves with a similar bag to make sure that it's the same size, as that's what they're looking for.

    I , of course, did not view the attachment.


    It's an attempt to enter a key logger to monitor your information, in order to hijack your account.

    I am making a practice now to make sure that I always check the "block my email" on all questions answered via Ebay messages.

    Also, typically, these questions will be sent elsewhere besides the US.

    I just simply deleted the email.............but also I realized that I've been neglectful in making certain that I check the box to block my email addy from being displayed , should they hit the reply button via their email..."
    "got that message too and I thought it was very strange They wanted the dimensions of the bag and asked was it smaller than the bucket. I copied and pasted the dimensions from the auction into my answer and asked, "what bucket?"? I don't have a bucket listed. Then they messaged again, wanting to know if I'd consider the bag medium or small.
    I just gave the exact measurements!
    I'm so glad I clicked to hide my address. I'll add them to my BBL. If anyone wants the ID, just message me."
    " Now, a new one.

    They're emailing stating that they've already purchased the item that the seller still has listed that hasn't ended yet, and asking why it hasn't been shipped and to go to a certain Ebay address to verify that they've already purchased the item.

    Boy..........they're out in full force!!"
  2. Creeps, I hate 'em!:censor:
  3. Scammers ability to conjure up new approaches never cease to amaze me. Thanks for the heads up!
  4. I am now too afraid to buy any bags on ebay.
  5. Interesting. Okay, so I have to block my email when people write me a question? Hmmm....then how do they get to respond to me? I'm a little confused.

    I also had to laugh because I was looking at a purse today and the light was kind of funny. I wasn't sure what the color was and found a stock photo on Google and sent an email to her address with the picture of the stock photo saying "is this it or is yours more tan?" I'm laughing because I'm like one of the most up-and-up buyers and sellers on eBay. Oh well. One rotten apple spoils it for the whole bunch.
  6. Checking the box just hides your email addy that you use for Ebay, it doesn't prevent the person from contacting you through Ebay. I ALWAYS block my address. The other person's reply still comes to your Ebay inbox and to your personal email inbox if you have it set up that way. With all the crooks, scammers and wackos on Ebay, the fewer people who have your actual email, the better.