1. i think i have mentioned this before, but im slowly migrating from the LV forum (sorry LV)..somehow i feel im following twiggers. hahah..just kidding.

    i still love LV..but not as much as before..i think their prices are overwhelming and i do have all the bags that i want (not many).

    i don't know too much about b-bags but i'd like suggestions on a first b-bag..

    a First?
    or a City?

    any suggestions? i went to NM to try out the bbags and found that the First looks too small on me, and a City looks too big! (i'm 5'3", size 4-6)

    also..what would be a good color to start with? FYI, i don't like black.

    btw, i feel soooooooooo bad for thinking about a bbag...because i just funded a HUGE purchase - see my signature :p

    thanks!! i've read some posts guys are so enabling! :graucho:
  2. welcome welcome to the bal subforum! You are so welcome here! You will fall head over heels after ur first purchase! You can go either way-- first or a city-- i love both, though find more uses for a city as it is such a good classic shape and size! The first is good if u only like to carry around the basic necessities or for a night out...sometimes I stick my first into a larger bag like my diaper bag if I can't leave home w/o a bbag!

    I love both styles but love the extra leather on the for ur very first, I say try a city out.


    oh and forgot to mention-- I lOVE ur huge purchase! Congrats!
  3. Hi and welcome!
    I guess a twiggy, box or the purse style would be in between a first and a city. There are threads with photos posted so you can see which style you like. I know the purse style is not made anymore but you can still find them sometimes.
    As for color... what is your wardrobe comprised of? Balenciaga has a color for every wardrobe and style! Depends if you like your bags muted or loud.
    Don't feel bad about a new bbag purchase... just sell some LV's! :graucho:;):roflmfao:
    Good luck and let us know what you decide!
  4. What about a step or day? You can visit the reference sections for tons of pics... what colors do you like? Everybody's different. I have Days, Firsts, a City and a Step. If you want an in-between size between the First and City, I can recommend the Step... they are coming out in all the fall/winter colors, like violine, jaune, steel, tomato, ocean, mastic, sienna, vert foncé (I think)... I'd pick a color that goes with most clothes you wear.
  5. Do you want a big bag or a Mini one???


    S Cooper
  6. ^^^ jenova- lol, trust you to come up with something like that...

    I agree with simona; the twiggy, box or purse will be ideal. (the box/purse are discontinued styles so you will only find these on eBay)
  7. thanks! i LOVE my car's so much fun to drive!

    what is the price difference between a city and a first?

  8. thanks! but i don't like the twiggy or the box...i'll check out what purse is..i've been looking at eBay and this forum all morning!

    i generally wear black with jeans..and i love the different "blue shades" ...cornflower, aqua..etc..and the color that attracted me was the white one!

    i've been staring at my LVs to see which ones i can live without... :yes::yes::graucho:

  9. i think the day is too big...let me go ahead and look at the step!


  10. :roflmfao:
    i think the city is already too big! u have a mini too??

  11. 06 Cooper S in dark silver with Recaro leather seats, Harmon Kardon hi-fi, over priced alloys and silly body kit.

    Afraid that I have just had to pay to have a new garage for it. Very unglamorous!
  12. you know..i also want to BUY a garage for the car too! it's too scary as i live in an apartment complex..and my car is parked right next to the gate!

    i already bought a new IKEA shelf for my bags...might as well get one for my car.. :roflmfao::rolleyes:

  13. Hiya rensky! Welcome to Balenciaga! :graucho:
  14. Someone kept stealing the aerial on Saturday nights. We thought that this might progress onto more radical vandalism.
  15. Hey girl!!!!! Welcome to Bal HEEHEE!!!! Sell all those LVs girl!!!!

    I myself LOVE the twiggy is the most perfect size for me! Bigger than a first and smaller than a city. Kind of reminds me of a papillon (without the structure)!