Newcomer to Bbags- looking for 'purse' style- where?

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  1. hi, i'm basically a newcomer to this site and to bbags! i actually carried an older le dix bag in black for awhile, given to me by a friend, but am now thinking of purchasing one for myself. i really like the shape and size of the 'purse' bags (actually, i love the shape of the 'first' style, but i think they're too small for me). i saw on ateliernaff that the purse style is dc'd. is there anywhere you recommend looking for one? i wouldn't mind buying one used at all, but i get nervous about eBay-ing, and i don't see many there anyway. thanks for any tips!
  2. Your local Neiman Marcus...they still have Purses at mine (in Sapin and Grenat).

    Also, (they have purse styles for not too bad of a price). And

    *I've never ordered from either site so I would gather feedback from the forum first before ordering from them.
  3. cultstatus had a beautiful ink purse last time i was there.
  4. If I didn't have an ink city, I would snap that ink purse up in a heartbeat. It is gorgeous. BNY has a dark green purse, a sapin one and a truffle. The truffle and the dark green (not sure of actual color) were the nicest IMO.Any particular color that you are looking for?
  5. Aloha Rag might actually still have some on hand, but I'm no longer sure of which color(s), if any, they have. Good luck with your search, and welcome to Bbags!
  6. Yep..i've got email from Cultstatus saying that they had ink & BI purse (i think BI was gone). But, that was almost a month ago.

    For Aloharag, i guess there might be truffle and emerald left.

    Btw, there are some purses (lilac,greige, truffle, emerald, RV) left in Japan (not in official shop). I search from and asked my friend living there order for me. I just got RV purse a month ago.:yahoo:
  7. thanks for all the tips! i'm not totally sure what color i want. something other than black.. like that narrows it down a lot! i recently bought a miu miu bow satchel, so probably not a light brown either.

    i really like bbags that have the smooth matte leather (i'm not sure if there's a term for the other kind of leather- it isn't pebbled, but has visible lines through it). i would like a nice calming color, and i like blues and greens, as well as neutrals- sapin, indigo, ink, navy, emerald.. though i'm not sure of the finish (whether the smooth or more lined) on these. i'll keep searching for photos, but thanks so much for the tips so far, and let me know if you see any other purse sizes for sale, whether new or used!
  8. Hello all, I am a newbie to Bbags as well. I am the lucky recipient of a dark red twiggy; my friend never carried it and decided she wanted a bigger one in black. When I opened it there was a mirror in a little case attached to a long strap. This may be a dumb question, but where does this go? I was looking for someplace to attach it, like the D-ring in LV bags.
  9. I LOVE the purse style. It is my all time favorite. I have been eyeing the eggplant-ish color one that is for sale on Styledrops. It says it's "new" from Spring '07 but I know that's not right. Anyone out there have any idea what color/season it is from? TIA
  10. There's a GORGEOUS Magenta purse :drool: on eBay right now, if I didn't have a Magenta first on the way, I'd bid on her.
  11. Thanks for posting, Incoralblue!:flowers: The actually still have quite a few purses:yes:(I LOVE the Purse style:love:!!)
    I really like this one:
    and this one:
  12. Incoralblue, I just asked about the Eggplant looking Purse in the "Authenticate This" threat and was told that Stylefly sells fakes- just FYI:yes:
  13. If you are talking about the metallic magenta one, that is a city style, not a purse.
  14. There's a few nice one's on ebay at the moment. You mentioned not brown, but there's a truffle one, but for some reason they have listed it under wallets. (I think coz its called Purse!?!)

    If you like any, but are unsure post it on the 'Authenticate this' thread, and the nice TPFers there will give their opinion.