Newbie would like to know...

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  1. What do you ladies look for when purchasing your handbags?
  2. Well, it's going to be different for everyone, but if you're asking about the leather itself, I really like thick, wrinkly, crinkly, super distressed leather. I do not however, like veins. HTH!
  3. Well, it goes without saying, but authenticity is pretty important, if you're going through eBay.

    I look for one that size/shape-wise I know will look good on me (so I confine my search to only certain styles). Then I have colors in mind, so that if one comes along in a style and color combination that I want, then I can seriously consider it, and for me the price has to be reasonable.

    Some are very picky about what kind of leather they want. This is hard to explain unless you have experienced Balenciaga leather at any length, but personally I take each bag on its own merits and I have loved bags in the past that were very veiny, as well as very smooth bags.

    I think it's pretty important to do it that way because of the many styles and colors Balenciaga has to offer! When I started out, I went to a store I knew had a good Balenciaga selection and looked at many styles and colors to really get an idea of what I was dealing with (btw, from that point on I was hooked!).

    Good luck!
  4. I've wondered this myself.
    Personally, I look for color and size and purpose. If it's an everyday bag it can't be too heavy or too small. I think it's personal preference and that's what's so great about Balenciaga ... there's so much to choose from!
  5. After looking at some of the bags on here, I prefer smooth leather with no veins. I love the style of the day, it's just the right size and it's a shoulder bag, which is a plus. So this is what I plan on starting my collection with as my first bag, now I have to just decide in a color!
  6. I've also wondered about leather '05 caramel first has smooth leather. When I was deciding on my violet day, I asked my SA which of the days to choose from. I was leaning toward the one with smooth leather until she pointed out how the smooth bag had both a mix of smooth and crinkly - vs. more consistent crinkly all over the bag I eventually decided on. As said earlier, it's all personal preference, but I kind of like the bags will all smooth or all crinkly leather. Sorry if I am not making sense:confused1:
  7. Hi.. i've only started to venture into designer brand bags collection.. Before i like "LOUD and LOOK at me" bags.. Now that i have a few i no longer feel this way. I think colour of a bag tells a lot abt a person..
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  9. for me, its the leather and color first and foremost... then I look at the availability of the size/style (a practicality point) that I want and the hardware...