Newbie Tokidoki fanatic

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  1. Hello,
    I love this message board! My most recent obsession is anything Tokidoki and I came across this website while searching. There is a lot of great information here, like the fake Tokidoki blog and everyone seems really nice and helpful. There's just something about Tokidoki that makes me so happy and I just can't get enough! I think you know what I mean!

    I grew up in Hawaii and I am thrilled to see some locals here! I live in Temecula now, it's about 50 miles north of San Diego. I spend a lot of time in either LA or San Diego because I get bored here. Anyway, I am so happy to find this message board. Thanks!

    Here is my most recent purchase from the Beverly Center Lesport Sac:

  2. Hiya!! I like ur name lol... it's cute :biggrin:

    very pretty spiaggia altho I'd hate the girl :sweatdrop: but that's just me... I really like it overall tho :tup:

    there's a lot of hawaii locals (as you probably saw) and I'm from SD but my parents live in Hemet and now I live in the OC lol... I'm in the same general area as you ;) coolness
  3. lol hi ladybugpoop!! when I saw your name I just HAD to respond. Welcome to the forum!! :biggrin:

    I know what u mean ... for some reason tokis make me really happy too. Congrats on the spiaggia stellina!!
  4. great spiaggia stellina! i love the cactus kitty right on the flap.&the back placement.
    welcome, ladybugpoop!
  5. Yeah, I wasn't too crazy about the chopped off girl head at the top, but I really liked how the cactus kitty ended up on the pocket flap.

    The girl at the Le SportSac store was really nice and let me go through the whole bin of Stellinas. I didn't even have to ask, she just put it in front of me and did the same for a lady next to me. I guess they are used to people looking for print placement!

    I also ride a sportbike (when I'm feeling brave) so I want to get a Tokidoki airbrushed helmet. You might see me riding around haha!
  6. lol... that sounds awesome! if you do u must post pics! :biggrin:
  7. ooh the helmet idea sounds way cool!
  8. Thank you for the warm welcomes! I think this is the friendliest forum ever! This leads me to believe that Tokidoki collectors are the sweetest :cutesy:

    Yes, I will post pics once I find a good airbrush artist. I hope I can find someone who can imitate well.
  9. Welcome!!! very cute spiaggia...luv the placement on the back :yes: that's awesome u ride (my bf has a bike) i hope u get the helmet! must show pics when u do...
  10. congrats on your stellina!
  11. Welcome ladybugpoop!! Where in Hawaii were you from? How long did you live here?
  12. Hi ladybugpoop! Love your bag! Welcome to the forum, the best place to be for all Tokidoki lovers. :smile:
  13. Luv it!!! I love the little soda glass! Mine is sorta hidden.
  14. Hi Ladybugpoop! I'm also a recent tokiholic. IKWYM by not being able to get enough of toki! Your stellina is cute.

    So, any plans for your next purchase? :P
  15. love ur stellina! and welcome to the forum :yes: