Newbie to Coach: Wondering if I got a deal??

  1. I am new to buying Coach bags. But today on Bluefly I saw that they got a shipment of them. I was in the market for a black signature bag for my mom's xmas present so I went for it.

    I got her a black Chelsea signature hobo with silver hardware.
    It was priced at $207, I used a $30 off coupon and went through Lucky Rewards for another 9% cash back. So it will run me around $170 when all is said and done. Was this a deal or could I have done better by making the two hour (round) trip to my nearest Coach outlet?

    Shown here:


    Also, do you think this is an alright "introduction to Coach" bag? My mom is frugal but stylish. I wanted to get her something in my budget but great. She's going to say that any such purchase was too much to spend on her because she always says that but I wanted to spoil her for a change!
  2. Great deal! After your time and gas, it would not be worth it to drive two hours.
  3. phew! I was so nervous. I hope bluefly figured out their authenticity issues, though!
  4. That is a really great purse. I hope your mom loves it! That is such a sweet thing to do for her. And it sounds like a great price too.