Newbie to CL I'm a true 10...will anything work?

  1. I'm new to CL but love some of his shoes. I've read that in most of his shoes you have to go up at least a half size to a full size. I'm a true 10 will any of his shoes fit for me? And if so what size would I be? Thanks girls, you are the best! :yahoo:
  2. hi i'm a US size 11 med/wide..some of them fit me,some of them don't.i think you just have to try them when you go to the might be size 41-41.5 in CL's..good luck:smile:
  3. ^^ Thank you! My feet are on the wide side too. I suppose I shouldn't buy my first pair on eBay then. Thanks again!
  4. I wouldn't buy my first pair on eBay either. It takes a lot of careful planning to decide on the style you like and learning the nuances of how each style will fit.
  5. I am a 9.5-10 US and consistently have to get a 40.5 in CLs so since you are a true 10 US, I think you'll wear a 41 in most styles.
  6. You should go to a store first and try out different styles. That's what I did. I'm a regular 9-9.5 US, and in CLs I wear either a 40 or 40.5.
  7. am also a 10 and the few pairs that I have I have gotten in 41, but I usually order two sizes to see which will fit better, but I would not take any chances on eBay if you are not familiar with the style already.
  8. Definitely try the shoes first and I would strongly suggest you don't buy them off of ebay unless or until you get used to the differences in the shoes.

    My feet have been in flux since I had a baby amost a year ago. I was a 9 in most shoes and a 9.5 in most european designer shoes. Now, I wear a 9 to 9.5 in non-designer shoes and a generally a 10 in designers, including CL's. I did have to take a 10.5 in the patent 70mm pigalles. I got a 10.5 in the metalika booties, but they are a bit tight so I probably could have taken an 11. Based on trying on the shoes you can get a feeling for your size in the different types and heel heights of CL's.
  9. They are called Miss Boxe, I have them in kid leather with wooden heel the same ones Nicole has. I've posted pictures in your other thread.