Newbie saying hello w/Cadena lock request!

  1. Hi fellow Hermes fans!
    I have been a busy girl reading this forum & I wanted to comment on how I think it is so wonderful how tight knit & supportive this subforum is!
    I am looking forward to contributing & getting to know you all as well as your staggering collections :yes: .

    I am really interested in Hermes Cadena Locks. I would love to see pics from everyone! Is it true only one style is made per year? What year did they start? What is the retail price?

    Thank you :wlae:

    My Hermes wishlist for Christmas:
    -Enamel H bracelet
    -Double Kelly bracelet
    -A Cadena.....
    -Some sort of coin purse (if anyone has ideas...please post!)

    Yay! That was very first post is now complete! :yahoo:
  2. Welcome!!

    Nice Christmas list.....I have not got any cadenas yet.....hmmmm.....maybe I should put that on MY list?
  3. You can find that info in teh Hermes refernce section. It's in 'facts about Hermes' or something similar. Hermesgroupie published the cadena year list.

    Nice Xmas list you got there! Welcome to the Hermes subforum!!!:flowers:
  4. Welcome, thegirl! Hermes cadenas can make beautiful accessories and a wonderful collection if you're willing to search them out.

    As for a coin purse, I ordered a Le 24 and will post a pic. It's the little red triangle shape and I love it. Opens easily and holds lots of coins. Price for a regular leather is something over $300. For all the times I've used mine, I well received my money's worth!
  5. Hi and welcome! I have the hippo lock and am using it on a bag for the first time this week! Love it - there are a lot out there - e-bay is always a good place to view items as it's easy to get around; nice Christmas list! I love, love H bracelets... you can't go wrong there! Good luck!
  6. Just wanted to say Welcome to the PF! Please let me know if you have any questions at all! Excellent list by the way- I hope everything finds their way to you soon!
  7. Hi!:smile:
    Welcome to the Orange Side!
  8. Welcome! :yahoo:
    Love your Christmas list. The cadenas are so much fun. I have a gold hippo that I use on my LV bags and want a silver elephant for Christmas to go on my Evelyne. :tender:
    I'm looking forward to seeing next year's design...does it come out in January? :shrugs:
  9. Welcome, thegirl! If you want to see lots of pictures, do a search on eBay for "Hermes locks charms"! You'll find that many of them are priced WAYYYY above retail since they're rare, no longer produced, hard to find, etc. Good luck!
  10. WELCOME to the orange side, thegirl! Those Hermes cadenas are CHARMING! Seems like once you get one, you want to collect them ALL! Just scored the Pelican I'd been looking the world over for on eBay so 24 is very right when she says to do a search on'll see quite a few but if its a charm from the last few years, you might do better to search the stores before buying on-line. Pricing is higher on-line!

    VERY nice Christmas list too........:graucho:
  11. isus, thank you for posting that wonderful picture! I REALLY like the style of that coin purse...there is a horse-print one like that on Ebay right now!

    Thank you all for your well-wishes! It was very nice to read!

    I see that many Cadenas on Ebay are around $300-500.....what is retail?
    Also...what is everyone's favorite "year" for the Cadena?

  12. Hi thegirl and welcome to the Pf! I just got a couple cadenas - the Pegasus was $185 and the Heart cadena was $235.
  13. I have the following cadenas -
    Hippo $285
    Elephant $185
    Pelican $185
    Sailboat $330
    Lion (purchased on Ebay)
    Some cadenas are smaller then others and some weight more. Keep that in mind - the pelican is awfully heavy I think. Most can be purchased at boutiques if you call around. The older ones like the lion are harder to find. But they are all great fun and if you buy one you'll want more.
    I'm looking for the lantern cadenas so if you see it let me know; it's hard to find.
    Welcome & good luck.
  14. Oh that info about pricing is very helpful! Now I see that I am MUCH better off buying from a boutique because I do not want to pay double :S
  15. Welcome, thegirl! Your list is full of some beautiful things!
    I don't own any Cadenas yet but I have a feeling that once I start collecting them, it's going to be very dangerous. Waiting to see what they come out with for 2007!