Newbie question:no authenticity card, or dust bag...

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  1. Hi everyone, I have a newbie question. A couple years ago, I purchased my first Chanel bag, (from a boutique), but after reading posts on here, I realized that my bag came without a dust bag and authenticity card. Is this strange? :confused1:
  2. yes, very strange.
    I won't take a bag home w/o those things.
  3. When I have purchased from Chanel at Heathrow airport they don't give me boxes.
  4. I would never take home a Chanel Handbag from a boutique without its complete accessories.
  5. hmm, the only thing I could imagine is perhaps it was a bag someone had returned and forgotten to return the dustbag and Authenticity card with it.
  6. Until now, I realized I never checked for those things..:wtf:
  7. Wow. I can't believe they would sell it to you like that. I can see that they may of overlooked the card since it is tucked away, but the dustcover is obvious.

    I would call the store. There is probably nothing you can do about the card, but maybe they can get you a dustcover.

    I wouldn't worry too much about the card. Unless you plan on reselling the bag, they're useless to you.
  8. That's the first thing I check for when buying from retail store, boutique -- is there the authenticity card, the care booklet, dust pouch. Then inspect for any flaws, defects.

    Nothing you can do at this point about the missing card, but this won't happen to you again. BTW, if you store your purse in the box, you really don't need the dust pouch. Just keep the chains away from the leather by wrapping them in tissue paper. Leather likes to breathe.
  9. Thanks for all your useful advice. I actually called Chanel Customer Service, and they said I need to get in touch with the boutique. But the SA I purchased it from no longer works there. Anyway, I've been storing it in a LV dustbag.
    But from now on, I will never think of purchasing a bag without these items!
  10. What was the original store you purchased it from? Is it a major store with a Chanel department. If you purchased it at some small tiny boutique I would question if it was real.
  11. Yes, that is strange.

    That is always the very first thing I check. I make sure I have all the tags, cards, etc... and I also make sure the numbers on the sticker and the numbers on the authenticity card are the same.
  12. i have never really checked for those things before. But now, I check everything b4 i exit the store
  13. how did they give it to you without those itmes?? did they just therow the bag into a shopping bag? in which case i would be suspicious in the first instance.. please let us know where you purchased it from? Hopefully it iwll enver happen again and now you have this knowledge demand the pretty boxes and dust bags :biggrin:....Personally I love all the packagingn, its what makes me feel special when i buy luxury goods.
  14. This is possible. Whoever sold the bag to you may also be a Chanel newbie, or he/she was lazy to find those things for you or they just want to get rid of a returned bag missing those items.

    Once, I returned a bag to boutique, the SA didn't even open the box widely to see if I return everything.
  15. Before I found tPF, I wouldn't have cared... As long as I got a bag and dustbag, I was fine. I didn't think anything kept those things lol. but now I want them just to have them.
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