Newbie Q: are Work bag sturdy enough to carry a lot of stuff?

  1. I am a Chloe-cross-over :yes:

    I have fallen in love with the Balenciaga's via several(!!) enablers :angel:

    I'm thinking the Work size would be perfect for me to carry to work (LOL).

    My question: is it sturdy enough to carry a lot of paperwork??

    How much does is the unladen weight??

    Thanks in advance!!! :flowers:
  2. You can even carry a normal-sized laptop in the Work with no problems, it's meant for files and documents, etc.
    It is the lightest bag I've ever seen, as are the rest of the Balenciagas. I wouldn't say it weighs more than a half kilogram empty, if that...:smile:
  3. WOW!!

    Thank you sooo much stylefly!!

    I am so excited about my first b-bag :yahoo:

    I am hoping for a nice neutral color suitable for the office-- any suggestions??

    My collection already include Chloes in blanc, bleu nuit, grenat, chocolat, and rouge.
  4. hmwe46, you will love the Work style. I carry it with me to work everyday and I stuff it with my laptop, folder files, umbrella, and many many other stuff. It can hold a lot. My black Work goes with my wardrobe well but during carefree days, my bubblegum pink Work never disappoints.
  5. You can see all of the past, present and future swatches here:
    You will be shocked at how heavy your Chloes seem after you get your bag....welcome to the dark side!:devil: :P
  6. YEAH!!!! get the work!
    i believe it's sooo much lighter than edith.
  7. I have a question to add to the mix..

    What is the handle drop on the work? Is it the same as the city?

    I'm about to get one but since I'll be putting more in it, I would preferably like to (read: *try*) wear it on my shoulder. I do so half the time with the city when I'm not wearing a coat.

    TIA! :flowers:
  8. hmwe, definitely the work is perfect for carrying tons of stuff. the kidskin makes it lightweight. that was the great appeal for me when i first got into balenciaga. honestly, i can't carry my paddington for more than 3 hours without breaking my back, but i carry the weekender with no problems.

    murasaki, the handle is slightly longer on the work. it's about a 4 1/2 inch drop, but feels longer since the bag slouches.
  9. thing to keep in mind is that Balenciaga leather is soft goatskin, it is not INDESTRUCTIBLE. I think Chloe leather is better at taking a beating because they use calfskin (I think). I would rather use my Edith for work than to use my B-bag...cause I know Edith is made of stronger leather.

    Just Esiders 2 cents :shame: the fact that a good friend who is extremely rough on handbags just put a hole in her Blueberry Work. :wtf:
  10. ^ i agree with esiders. don't go crazy with really heavy stuff (books, etc..). it can stretch the bag. like for me, i carry my daughters stuff (snacks, toys, clothes) with my usual stuff and the work is perfect for it.
  11. I'm guilty of overloading my Work sometimes :shame: , when I can't avoid it, but it seems to be holding up well.

    That said, I'm gonna be WAY more careful cos I think I'd just :crybaby: if I put a hole in my baby!!
  12. I had the edith for work/university and I agree with esiders but she's really uncomfortable to carry because she gets sooo heavy and the handles are so rigid that carrying her in the crook of the arm always hurt on me. That's why I sold her. I try not to overload my bags and will probably buy a shoulder bag for university.