Newbie needs help...

  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm new at the Gucci section. I'm more of Louis Vuitton kinda gal although i do have a couple of Gucci bags. I have no idea what the new items are. Anyway I stumbled upon this bag on the I-net and i don't know what bag it is. I'm afraid of fakes and i know there are alot of fake LV and Gucci out there.

    Does anyone have this bag? if so can you please post pics of yours. I'd like to know how the inside looks like. Thanks alot!!!
    what is this.JPG
  2. This is the Duchessa boston, new for fall. But I'm not fortunated to own one.
  3. oh wauw really? I want to see the inside part. Anyone??:flowers:
  4. i have the monogram one and i think i posted a pic of the lining...its SUPER cute its black and has the gucci crest hehe :smile: loves it
  5. oooh i didn't realize it came in that color. Nice!!! unfortunately i don't have the bag. :shrugs:
  6. Very nice bag... I don't have it but I wish I did