Newbie Male's new YSL

  1. I purchased this weekend bag at ysl- does anyone know ehen this design first came out ( i was told it will also be carried over but i suspect that was SA bullsh~t:graucho:)
  2. Hi and welcome. Unfortunately, the link/pic doesn't work for me. Can you try again?
  3. here's the pic
  4. I don't know details about the bag, but that's a great weekender Travis. Love the color, and the leather looks so thick and sumptuous. Enjoy!
  5. Congratulations! I LOVE that bag. It's a beauty!
  6. Great looking bag! Congrats
  7. I have that! I bought it this time last year...I love that bag, havent carried it in a while as it weighs a TON.
  8. It's gorgeous!
  9. Wow thats a very nice bag. great color too. Congrats!