Newbie Kooba Question - HELP!

  1. Hi Ladies! This is my first post, so....(deep breath). I bought a Kooba off eBay from seller id bluebarbie, and got a really great deal. I just want to make sure the deal isn't TOO great to be true.

    Everything's in order - Dustbag looks good, with glue-sealed cord ends, Kooba zipper pull is thicker on one end, and only imprinted on one side, zippers are YKK, magnetic snap has serial number, stitching is tight, leather smells great, however....

    The ONLY concern is the plastic (NOT brown string) attachement to the Kooba folded tag. Does Kooba EVER use plastic to attach their tags? I've gone round robin about this in my mind, and I'm starting to panic.

    Here's the item id: 110102966596

    I sell authentic designer handbags myself (id ruemode - store, "Rue de la Mode,") but my brands are all the Italians - Chloe, Prada, Fendi, Valentino...I KNOW how to authenticate them, but Kooba is a relatively new brand to me. I've seen them in person, and done my homework, but this issue about the plastic cord is killing me!

    Thoughts? Did I get scammed? Or did I get a great deal?

    Thanks you guys! I LOVE it here!!
  2. maybe the seller took it off initially and decided to put it back on? they sell those plastic thingys, so ppl can attach things to garmants and bags and such that they're selling... dunno. if you post pix ppl will be able to help u more, sry i can't help!
  3. Yeah, if you post pics the authenticity experts here can tell you if it looks ok or not!
  4. Shoot! My pix files are too large! Let me try to downsize them....Thanks gals!
  5. All my Kooba tags have been on brown string, (and all brown tags, but the holes have been both center & corner) but maybe the seller reatatched the tag, as someone else suggested.
    Don't panic!
  6. Don't panic, I bought a Kooba at Off 5th, quite authentic, and the tag had been put on with a plastic tie. Strings can break and that is most likely how a store would reattach.

    The zipper pull and the quality of the leather and hardware is the key. Show us pics if you can.
  7. Ok - I can't downsize the dumb photos (UGH!), but here's a like to the auction on eBay.

    Update: I've chatted with the seller, and she told me she DID get it at off-5th, and I do know that they did a major Kooba clearance (depending on which store you hit in the US) in Jan. and Feb. of this year. She said many of the Koobas there also had tags attached with plastic - probably b/c they were starting to come off with all the man-handling....


    I gotta tell you - now that I have one Kooba....I am a total Junkie. These bags are incredible!! :smile: I've been smelling the leather all afternoon....
  8. What are you specifically having troubles with (with uploading the pictures)? Maybe one of us can help you?
  9. I'm being told the file size is too big! I can't save them in a smaller format - the only alternative is to reshoot, I guess, using a smaller file size on my Nikon? That may work...
  10. Are you trying to upload them using the forums, or a photo hosting site? I've had that problem with uploading pictures into a comment here before, and just resized the pictures using MS Paint. You could always just upload them into photobucket or flickr, too, and give us the links. Good luck!
  11. I don't know for sure since those pics in the auction look like they came from a site and are not her own pics. If it came from Off 5th maybe that explains the plastic tie. Cheekers had a problem with Off 5th Koobas having a Dye problem. I hope this is what is wrong with this bag she is selling because something looks funky about it. The braiding and handles look like 2 different colors.
  12. Hey all - here is one of the emails I got from the seller about this Kooba Braedon. I really feel that it's authentic based on weight, smell, feel, hardware, logo imprints, zipper pull, etc. I am going to try again today with the pictures....

    "Hi again - this bag was prurchased on clearance from Saks, so most likely it came loose and was replaced with plastic. Many of the designer bags I purchase on sale are missing tags and/or dustbags. Actually many bags on sale from Saks or Nordstroms or Neimans, such as Isabella Fiore have no manufacturer tags (at the manufacturer's request), so I provide the store tag to show it was new. The brown string is one of the signs of an authentic Kooba bag, however it is not a signature item as it can easily be copied. Kooba is now changing the tags with every season to make them harder to copy. I'm sure you can tell by the weight and quality of your Braedon that it is authentic. The replica Koobas are easy to spot in person. Sorry your string was missing - but that is partly why you got the bag for $180! BTW that is less than I paid, but that's how things work on auction. Enjoy your bag! Sue"