Newbie here, trying to get my first pair of CL's

  1. Hi all,
    I'm ready to get my first pair of CL's and decided on VP w/black patent leather. So I call into the SCP store about 3 months ago and put my name on the list. At the time I was told that I'm #2 on the list, and expect shipment to come in with in 3 months. So I call again 2 wks ago and was told the shipment is coming in about 2 wks. I call today to check on the status, the SA told me that the shoes in my size were sold and there is not much left til next shipment again. I said I put my name on the list 3 months ago and was told I was #2, how come no one called me. The SA ask if I had fill out an agreement form after putting my name in, I said no, I was never told that I need to fill out a form. So the SA said yeah, the ones that put names on the list after me but had fill out a form surpass me in line. Ladies is this true, is there such a form?

    Now I'm going to ordering online from CL site and take advantage of that free shipping offer.
  2. Hi there! Welcome to the addiction. It depends, I have been on their wait lists and received a call without having filled out the agreement in advance and other times I filled it out. I don't know if completing the agreement is a requirement. Someone else will surely post exactly what the policy is if there is one. The good thing is that you are starting with a year around shoe that is usually available somewhere so you are not SOL.
  3. They're so flakey there I find. Half the time they call me the other half they don't
  4. Vixxen, do you recall what does it say on the agreement form? Is it that I have to buy the shoe when it comes in?
  5. No girl, nothing like that. It is a one page form where you just fill in your name, address, phone number, etc. and also provide your CC number and charge authorization signature. It is very simple. It does authorize a charge but I have almost always completed it after they called me. Even when I completed it before they called me, they still called to confirm that I wanted the shoes. SCP can be flakey depending on who you deal with. Just get them from NM, BG or some other retailer. Returns and exchanges are easier in case you haven't tried them on.
  6. Congrats on getting your first pair of CLs and an excellent choice! :cool:

    About waitlists, it depends on which boutique you're dealing with but generally if you fill out a customer agreement form (which includes payment and shipping info) then you surpass others on the waitlist who have not filled out a form. This has usually worked for me in the past, just one time things fell through. Every boutique has a different policy about the customer agreement form. For some boutiques, filling out a form means that you have agreed to purchase the shoes but they will give you a courtesy call to let you know they've arrived at the boutique. Most boutiques though don't hold you to the customer agreement form if you decide in the end you don't want the shoes.