Newbie gets her first Chanel Cambon Reporter!

  1. Hi Chanel lovers!!!!!!!!

    I just got my very first Chanel bag!:yahoo: I absolutely love it and wanted to share! This bag is a BEAUTY!:love: I'm on CLOUD 9!!!!!!!!:heart:

    I'm also getting a matching Chanel wallet too!:yahoo:

    Thanks for looking!
    DSC01769.JPG DSC01772.JPG DSC01791.JPG
  2. Congrats on your first Chanel purchase! What a great bag!:yahoo:
  3. Love the reporter!! Congrats!
  4. The beige/black was my first Chanel bag! I have been looking all over for the black/white and I also live in MA. Where did you find yours? Congrats!!
  5. Thank you so much Tammy, Mac & Roey!:heart: :flowers: :heart:

    roey~ I bought mine used but they have this at NM at Copley but not with the white C's~ only the black. Do you still use your beige/black?:love: How do you like it? I love that it is so light weight!
  6. congrats its beautiful!!!
  7. Congrats from another newbie! :flowers:
  8. Welcome to the Cambon Reporter club!!! Salute!
  9. Gorgeous!! Now are all your balenciagas gonna be jealous??? :upsidedown:
  10. Thank you baglover!:flowers:

    Crochetbella~ thanks newbie!:flowers:

    Loveone7~ Thanks for the warm welcome!:flowers:

    jadecee~ LOL! Yes~ my Bbags will be a little jealous!:P :flowers:
  11. Great choice, congratulations!
    Welcome to CHANEL!:heart:

    Ro - my NM has one too, but I *think* it's black on black{?}
  12. congrats!
  13. I love the Cambon bags. Congratulations.:yahoo:
  14. congrats! :smile: from yes yet another noob hehe :smile:

    I have never seen that in stores around here before :/ is it heavy?
  15. I also love the Cambon bags. Enjoy your new bag, it's a beauty!!!!!