new york stores

  1. TropicalGal, this is mainly for you because I've read in a couple posts that you're planning a trip to NY and hope to buy a Mulberry bag. The NY stores I've been to (Madison and Manhasset) carry a very limited stock. Last time I was in the Madison store, it was Roxannes, Mabels and Bayswaters in all different colors and leathers. They had Smithfields and Brookes over the summer but those are gone. They don't carry any of the older styles - eg., Emmy, Annie, Phoebe, Effie, etc. They also don't carry the Somerset collection.

    I wanted an Effie and they couldn't get one for me from the UK so I ended up ordering it from Still waiting to see how big the customs charges will be. I'd like a Somerset hobo also, but don't know if it's worth mail ordering again.

    Just didn't want you to get your hopes up that you'd be able to see the full array of bags when you came to NY. But if you want a Roxanne, Mabel or Bayswater, you'll be in heaven!
  2. Thanks for the info PixarGirl! Did you ever go to the Bleecker St. store? Did you check out Saks?
    Please let me know how your buying experience was from -- re the shipping and duty and taxes. I think all of us would like to hear about this, the "hidden" charges, and the length of time it takes to get it. We are all ears for your report!
  3. Also, do the Mulberry Madison Ave. or Bleecker St. store ever have a sale?
  4. I haven't been to the Bleecker St store, but I called when I was looking for my Effie and was told they carry the same stock as the Madison and Manhasset stores. Haven't checked Saks. Or Bloomingdales. I saw that they now carry Mulberrys - at least the Mabel. If I make it to either store in the near future I'll let you know their stock.

    As for ordering from - I ordered on a Thursday, it shipped on Tuesday, and I received it via next day intl UPS on Wednesday. Less than a week. I was pretty pleased. Shipping was about 50 USD from UK to NYC. I haven't received the customs charge so I can't shed any light.

    There was a small sale section at the Madison store but the last time I went it was gone. I only looked quickly because I was hoping to see an Effie, but I think it was mostly men's items or smaller things like keychains or wallets.

    They also have the Julie Verhoeven line at the Madison store.
  5. Do let me know about your customs charge when you receive it. Does it come later in the mail? Where do you pay it? All new to me!
  6. Pix- Do you ever get to go down to the Atlantic City area? They have a Mulberry store now in the Pier mall by Caesars. I was just there yesterday.
  7. I am thinking about buying a black Bayswater (1st Mulberry!!) to use as an everyday bag. My only choices are eBay and Net-a-Porter as my local Saks and Neimans don't carry them anymore. Would you all be nervous about buying from eBay? Too bad, there is no local store to have a sale!! Thanks
  8. Fendi, how big is the Atlantic City store? Is there stock broader than the NY stores?
  9. kroquet, do you live in the U.S.? If so, just order from the New York store. They'll charge, pack and send.
  10. The store is pretty big. All the bag stores there are pretty big they also have Coach, Gucci, LV, MK, Burberry and a few others. (No Fendi though :sad:) All the bag shops are right in a row so it's really fun!

    I don't buy Mulberry so I am not sure how good the selection was (I just went in for fun). You can probably call them and ask what they carry. On the Caesar's Pier website there is a link to every store.
  11. Received the customs charges. $70 for customs (9% rate). BUT also $30 processing fees from UPS. My coworker said it's the price you pay for them getting it past border control so quickly.

    The customs actually got charged to my company's UPS account because I had it shipped to my office. OOPS! Had no idea that'd happen. Gotta send the check first thing in the morning so the charge gets cleared.

    It was worth ordering from despite the fees. NY store wasn't doing much to get one for me and it's turning out to be just the bag I was hoping for.