New York and Legit Stores

  1. Hi, I am going to NY next week and I was wondering if the site is legit and if they really have good prices on balenciaga and fendi? Thanks in advance
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  2. I went here when my company relocated from the Upper West Side to midtown and it is a VERY small store on the second floor of a building (no elevator-stairs only) crammed with bags and shoes. I went over a year ago and did not think that their prices were all that great, but that may have changed as I haven't been back there since. I'm sorry but I couldn't tell if the stuff was real or seem legit but I am always skeptical. :confused1: If you are planning to go to the Macy's on 34th Street you may want to check it out anyway for yourself because it's only a block or two away. Hope this helps!
  3. thanks :smile: