New Year/New Stuff goodies and a few oldies

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  1. Here we go!

    New Year/New Stuff Order! (love the adorable tiny dustbag that came with the keyfob!)

    Close-Up of Black Zeus keyfob

    Close-Up of Tree Charm

    Close-Up of Mushroom Charm

    Black Havana w/tassel and new red mushroom charm

    Olive Inka w/tassel and new tree charm
  2. I love your HH bags AND the charms!
  3. Love it. The charms really add to the black havana. I think I need one for my havana!
  4. Love your choice of charms with your bags!!
  5. Great, detailed pictures! Always appreciated.
    Love your inka w/ the mushroom charm, they look perfect together
  6. Love those charms! HH makes the cutest accessories.
  7. i got the tree too and now wish i'd gotten a mushroom (probably the blue one) as well.. i had never seen them for such a good price.
  8. Awesome pics!!
    Great stuff!
  9. Really cute!