New White Speedy

  1. Hi! and Happy New Year everyone! I just got off the phone with LV and the woman had no idea about the white (watercolor looking one--sorry, but I forgot what it's called)speedy coming out. She wanted to know how I know about it and where I found out about it (didn't tell her of course). She said if they do come out with one it would be in the 30 and not the 35. When I looked in the reference section it says 35. Does anyone know if it will be coming out in the 30 and if yes, any idea when and cost? Also I thought I read here that it would be in the canvas. Did I read that right? Why do I bother calling LV when you guys know everything???

  2. All we know at this point is that the Aquarelle Speedy will only come in white and in the size 35. The exotic Aquarelle Speedy comes in the 30 size, but it costs $3,600.
  3. ^^^^ correct Blueberry ...........The size is 35 and it will be around $1,180 this info was given to me by my SA yesterday
  4. It is a lovely bag.
  5. It is the mono speedy release date of May 1 price is 1185.
    It is in the new book the stores received this week, along with the pictures of the runway bags and all pricing. My SA put me down on the waitlist for this, the model number was available also but did not write it down. When I am there next week will try to get it for you
  6. OO so glad to hear I can put myself on a waitlist already :smile: I am going to call Holts as soon as I'm done work and get myself on that list!! Wahoo! I hope my SA has heard about it lol..
  7. the vachetta version of the watercolor speedy's item number is M95752