*NEW* What could it be???

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  1. Went to LV today to purchase a "s***f". The first SA was so rude to me. While I was thinking about making the purchase...I handed her the s***f I was looking at. She put it back in the case and just turned and walked away from me. I was automatically offended but I stood around for a while and waited to see if she'd come back. She didn't. So me and my Sig. Other continued to browse to see if she'd come bck. She didn't. We left the boutique but went back because we really wanted to make that purchase. We just made sure we dealt with a different SA who was soooo polite. (light rant) :yucky: Anyway...here she is....kinda....lol :graucho:


    just concentrate on the box in the foreground....
  2. OOH :nuts: what's it?
  3. oh come on....any guesses? :rolleyes:
  4. Oohhh, you got something a LV today too. :nuts:

    Hmmmm .... a Mini Lin Speedy?

    *AHHH* I don't know.

    Strip, Strip, Strip!! :party:
  5. starts with S ends with F! lol
  6. No wait, the box looks a bit small for a speedy. *I think*

    Ummm ..... a pochette?
  7. scarf???
  8. SCARF!!?? :nuts:
  9. How many letters?
  10. Is it bar or accesories or small leather good? OOH can't guess it :lol:
  11. ^^^^ I'm guessing 5 because she put s***f in her post. :yes:
  12. scarf...yes its a scarf...lol
  13. ^^^^^

    What kind of scarf though? :graucho:

  14. yayyy congrats!!!! post pic and modelling it please :p
    the beauty of the scarf lay most when it's worn ;)
  15. Oooh SCARF :love: CONGRATSSS, post us the pics.