New wallet!

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  1. My boyfriend got me a LV epi leather wallet today in brown. I LOVE IT. I am so happy and he is such a sweet heart.
  2. Congrats! They are soooo beautiful and it'll last a long time! Post pics!!!! I'm dying to see what it looks like in person!
  3. That's excellent!! They are lovely. I've got one in red and my hubby has it in black.
  4. I'm so happy for you!!! Enjoy! Post pics, please!
  5. 0o00oo new wallet!!!! awesome!

    i'm so happy for you! your b/f is totally cool!

    you should post some pics up of your new wallet, so we can drool over it too :smile:
  6. here are the pics ...
  7. got it to match my balenciaga
  8. here...

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  9. Gorgeous mocha epi wallet !
  10. yUuUuUmy!! mOcha!! :love:
    CoNgraaaaaaAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaats :biggrin: !!
    and it matches with your B-Bag well :amuse:
  11. Lovely!! :love:
  12. great!! it mathces so well!!
  13. Gorgeous wallet and bag....drooling...:love: :love: