New Violet Options.

  1. I absolutely LOVE the violet color. So far I've seen that the color will be available in the Matinee, Rose, and Morning After Mini styles. Does anyone know if it will be available as Morning After (hope) or Lex?
  2. ^It available in the Morning After, through Luna Boston. I am unsure about the Lex but I would think it would come in that color.
  3. According to the list posted in the "New Rebecca Minkoff Coming...." thread(by Brittany at label360), there's no mention of a Lex in Violet.
  4. ^Right, but certain boutiques only get certain colors. For example, Luna Boston will be carrying the Ruby MAM, which is an LB exclusive. The Violet MAM will also be carried by the LB and is so far, the only boutique I know of that is carrying that bag. I do hope they Lex will come out in Violet, it would be a beautiful option!:drool:
  5. ^^True, I totally forgot about exclusives.
  6. GUNG, thanks so much! Emailing Luna Boston right now. The Morning After Bag in Violet would be dreamy.
  7. That violet is so pretty - if I didn't already have bag in a similar color I'd be all over it! Good luck RaeBelle!!
  8. And also, ladies, not all boutiques carry all the items. For example, Delcina has the Jade Matinee with Jade flaps but Label 360 will have the Jade Matinee with metallic flaps. HTH!
  9. ^ GUNG where would we be without you, our resident RM expert? :queen: Searching aimlessly about for RM bags, probably!
  10. ^Oh poo. Im no expert, im just a fanatic. Muahahahhah! By the way I love the Queeny icon! So cute
  11. I made a post about the same exact thing earlier today. I really hope the lex comes in violet. I want it! Is there a pre-order link for the violet MAM yet?
  12. Yes there is a preorder link from Luna Boston, would you like me to PM it to you?
  13. Yesss. I would love that. Thanks!

  14. Luna Boston said the Morning After Bag isn't being produced in Violet. :sad:
  15. ^ Sorry to hear that RaeBelle :sad: Are you sure the MAM size won't work for you? It's smaller than the MAB but it's not exactly "mini"...