new vernis colours ?

  1. With all the novelties coming out at the moment in the different you know if there might be new vernis colours soon ??
    It would be dreamy....:heart:
  2. i hope so!! i love vernis, sadly it too feminine for a man like me to hold, thats why iw as in love with tthe mat coloction but it scrached like crazy (as it was calf leather and so was discontinued) i miss it becuse i was going to buy i piece from the collection and them it was discontinued :sad: never mind i found other lv products to spend my hard earned cash on lol!!
  3. the perle is not too manly, IMO, and neither was the semi-dark blue they had. the indigo is pretty and masculine too.

    i think they should release a buttery yellow color and a soft green next. that would be cute. :smile:
  4. I've heard that all the Vernis colours except red will be seasonal from now on, so they *may* all be discontinued after this summer. Dont know how true this is though.
  5. Is the Hazelnut on the UK site the same as Noisette or different I wonder.
  6. Noisette = hazelnut in english
  7. I love the Noisette color too.
    It's on elux.
  8. I still need to buy a Red vernis item. The only thing I hate about it is it might transfer onto my perle reade =( I guess I can transform my Perle to a Marshmallow color if that does happen LOL
  9. They used to have great vernis colors. They should bring some new ones. I would love to see a green.
  10. There used to be a mint green.
  11. I saw pics of that a while ago. It was a beautiful green!!!
  12. Kathy ..can u show us a pic of this color?
  13. oh yes- I love noisette! The only Vernis colors I miss are the silver and the bronze, but not a fan of that green or light pink.
  14. my favorite colors are framboise, peppermint, fuschia and perle

    a butter yellow would be amazing! I would definately snatch that color up!
  15. i really miss the bronze! my fav!
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