New, unexpected piece on it's way to me :)

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  1. Very out of the blue opportunity....and I have a black wish bracelet on it's way to me. Yahoo!
  2. congrats!!!!
  3. Congratulations!! You'll have to share pics of that because ignorant me doesn't even know what that looks like! But from your reaction, it must be gorgeous! :yes:
  4. ooooooo, what is it!!!!!!????????
  5. congrats:yahoo:
  6. Sounds cute-congrats!
  7. Congrats! Can't wait to see the pics!
  8. Congratulations.
  9. congrats
  10. It's more fun than's just the surprise of it, that made me excited.

  11. congrats!!! cant wait to see it!!!!!!!!
  12. I'm all excited to see this hehe! congrats to youuu.
  13. Is it the black multicolor with leather bow? That's really cute, congrats! I have a brown monogram one that I got a few years ago. It was around $180 at the time, I think? But I'm sure they cost waaay more now. There's a little flap where you can write a wish on a piece of paper and tuck it inside the bracelet. Congrats again!
  14. ohhh i love those bracelets Mary!!!! congrats!!
  15. Congrats. Very cute & fun.