New Trevi PM and GM for Fall!

  1. Hi everyone. I saw the items below listed in a summary of upcoming fall pieces. Does anyone know what these will be or look like?

    I heard that there may be a Damier version of something like the Eole travel bag, could this be it?:happydance:

    Damier Ebene Trevi
    PM $1425 USD 13.4"x9.4"x5.9"
    GM $1725 USD 16"x11.9" x8"
  2. no they are two different bags the damier "eole" is based on the grimauld with wheels
    The trevi is a city bag/handbag check the fall winter summary in my sig there are pics of trevi in it
  3. An SA told me there will be a damier bag that looks like the denim cabby. Can that be it?
  4. Damier Trevi

    I guess you could say it looks a bit like cabby (if you squint LOL)
    Damier Trevi.jpg
  5. omg okay that's going on my list..........................yummy
  6. ^it's coming September so not long to wait
  7. Oh i cant wait for it.
  8. I can't tell from the pic...are the handles large enough to wear as a shoulder bag?
  9. Looks like a cute bag to me! Uh oh...
  10. it comes with a shoulder strap :yes:
  11. If I were a woman... I would sooo rock this bag!!! It's gonna be HOT!
  12. LOL John sweetie I think you could rock it anyway!
  13. This bag is gorgeous!! I'm really looking forward to see it IRL.

  14. haha as if
  15. The Trevi's are already out!
    They are soo nice.
    I see the GM more like a travel bag cause it is sort of big.
    But they are sooo HOT!