New Tone-toned Tracy Tote

  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. Has one seen the two-toney Tracey tote in the new Saks "Want It" book?
    Interesting-- it's a taupe based body with whiskey trim and edging...

    Also in gray/black.
    12x15 1/2 x 4
  2. Just in case anyone is unfamiliar with this style, this is a Tracy pocket tote
    (courtesy of

    The two toned version (taupe with whiskey) is also featured on the Chloe website for the Winter '07 collection. It is so cute- i really want to see it in person!!!!
  3. I seen it in person and i didn't have a reaction to it :wtf:. But maybe they didn't merchandise it correctly... They're at the actual BG store right now. But i didn't see the two toned one you were talking about Jag.
  4. Thanks for the pic Jag! Yup, that's the one. I was in love with it, although
    it was interesting to see the taupe and whiskey colors side by side on it...
  5. I just want to feel it and see if I love it as much as Paddy, Betty and Edith. I want to love it, but I am not there yet either.
  6. I'm doubtful that I'll ever be there with the Tracy. :shrugs:
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