New to YSL, Some questions

  1. I went to NM yesterday to look the Balenciaga bag, but end up in YSL counter and fall in love with the Muse bag. I like the large size (I believe it's large, price is $1195), but the local NM only have a white color, I am not sure if it's ivory, or white. I asked the SA to put it on layway since I didn't bring my AmericanExpress card with me.

    Anyway, when I come back check on eBay, I found there are some listing on eBay for Muse. How do you tell the authentic of Muse from the picture? I am debating myself if I should go back to NM to get a new one, or I can just wait and find an used on on eBay.

    Any suggestion?
  2. If it were me, I would probably buy it from Neimans. I just don't trust eBay. I know you can get a good deal if you do your research, but I am willing to pay for the fact that it's brand new to me and knowing for sure it's real. If you post the eBay listing, people will be able to advise you on it's authenticity.
  3. I totally agree with ItsMyWorld. I don't trust eBay 100%, even though I have sold a few items on it.

    However, if you were going to buy a brand-new bag from Neimans (my favorite place in the world) then I say, go for the brand-new bag and you will be 100% certain that it is real and has never been used.

    Since the only Neiman's in NY is about 2 hours away, I am addicted to their website. You can look on their web-site and find what you want, and if not, their customer service would find it!!!