New to the Purse Forum and Excited about the shopping/discussion network

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  1. Hi Everybody,

    I'm Pinkcashmere and VERY EXCITED about this forum! I am looking to purchase my very first authentic Gucci from the San Marcos Outlet this Friday. Currently I am leaning toward the New Britt Black Denim Hobo, but the other day I saw a Gucci single strap, sack style handbag with the word Gucci engraved on the buckle that connected to the strap. It was all leather and on each corner are a series of G's embossed in the leather. Not sure of the name of the style or if it was authentic. Is anyone familiar with the style I am trying to describe? Thanks.
  2. welcome!!!
  3. welcome! How exciting that you will be getting your first gucci handbag! The outlets are awesome. I'm not certain of what style the other purse is but it sounds like it's from the signoria line. Let us know which one you get and post pics!
  4. Thanks Beljwl and Smalls for the welcome.

    Smalls, thank you for taking a guess that it may be from the Signoria line. I will post a pic of my purchase.
  5. Welcome to TPF!! Good luck on your handbag search.
  6. Welcome!:smile:
  7. Welcome and hang onto your wallet -this forum and those darned outlets are addicting;)
  8. Welcome to the forum and Gucci addiction!!
  9. be careful! this forum has caused me to spend lots and lots of money....and I love every minute of it!! I can't stop now! :sweatdrop:
  10. it sort of sounds like this bag

  11. if you saw it at the gucci outlet then it is authentic.... how much was the bag?
  12. Welcome to tPF and the Gucci subforum! You'll love it here - it's an addiction for sure.
  13. It does sound like the bag beljwl pictured which is (I think) the the Gucci Signoria hobo
  14. Hi and Welcome Pinkcashmere8! Does the bag have a zip closure or does it have a magnetized flap closure? If it's the latter of the two, could it be the Pelham hobo? It has a braided strap with a "G" on it.
  15. Thank you Fashion_Mom :smile:

    Thank You Sneezz :smile:

    Thank You Suzzee! I can see that it's very fun and can be addicting. I will make note to hang on to to my wallet :smile:

    Thank You Aeonat :smile:

    Thanks for the heads up Jenita! I will make note of that lol :smile: