new to prada with some questions????

  1. Hi guys! I am fairly new to prada(i am pretty much a louie/gucci girl). I purchased a green frame satchel from eBay about 3 months ago and just purchased the fairy bag. I have some questions......I noticed a lot of bags are referred to as cervo.....what does that mean/refer to??? Also, my fairy bag has a double zipper which I have seen on some of their other bags. Is this just for extra support? Just curious.....thanks for the info....:smile:
  2. Eric at the Soho store told me that the fairy bag had a double zipper because Miuccia Prada likes the look of the double zipper.

    Cervo is a city in Italy where the leather is from, that one is just an educated guess. LOL
  3. Thanks Longchamp! You learn something new every day!!!:idea::idea:
  4. BTW congrats on your new bags