New to Prada, Please Help

  1. I am very very new to Parada, I am so in love with this bag. I must have one. This is just bad timing for this listing, I am waiting for a bonus check that should be here the end of the month. Can anyone tell me the style number or another way to search for this bag. I will be able to purchase new when the bonus check comes and would love to have this as my first Prada.

    TIA, I am so desperate.
  2. Has anyone ever bought a Prada from Celebrityowned on eBay?
  3. Does and sell authentic bags? I found the older Prada BR3408 I have been searching for on both of those sites.
  4. NO NO NO to modaqueen and designerposse
  5. What about or or Why do they make it so difficult. I simply want this beautiful bag, my first Prada and everywhere I turn it looks like I am looking at FAKES!!!!!!!!!!! I know it is an older bag, I am slow to decide and see nothing in the current season that truly meets my needs. I dream about this silly bag. Any help would be so appreciated.
  6. I'd say no no to any websites other than what was mentioned (styledrops and Yes, you can get some from reputable sellers on eBay but try these two websites first. Also, has some great pradas that are legit.
  7. I found the bag I had been wanting on eBay, paid much more than I thought a used bag should cost (but I really wanted that bag!). So will let everyone know how it turns out. My first Prada!!!! I am a bit excited! This is the posting on ebay I was worried about her feedback, then she does include the original receipt. Well now just a matter of pacing and waiting.