NEW (to me) PADDINGTON! I love Milan Station!!!

  1. Hi everyone, I am so excited! I just bought a gorgeous, dark dark blue (or it might be a dark grey) paddington! It's in perfect condition and the price was amazing. I went to all the stores where they sold Chloe, and to all the secondhand shops -- Milan, Paris, etc stations. They were selling them anywhere from HKD6600 to 9500 vs the price in the stores of HKD11500. Finally, after two whole days of searching, I found a bag priced at 6000, checked it out and it looked good! (some of the others in the price range were pretty banged up) I couldn't believe it, so I snatched it up! Actually, I even tried to get a discount and I pleaded and pleaded and on my 4th or 5th try, they gave me another HKD200 off. So I pretty much got it for about USD750! :yahoo: Now poor Marc Jacobs hobo in putty which I just bought (on sale too!) in the MJ store, it's gonna get ignored...

    Can I ask all you experts to help me with the exact colour name? Here are some (bad) photos -- I only used a phone. The serial number inside is 01-06-53.
    Image(23).jpg Image(24).jpg
  2. Congrats! So you got this beauty at a second hand shop? Like a consignment shop? I hardly ever see consignment shops that sell Chloe so you really lucked out! That price point is AMAZING!

    The bag looks very soft and smooshy, too. Do you know what model year it is? The color appears to be dark gray. I think Roey has the same color. Let me go see if I can find the thread...

    ...okay, I'm back! Here is the thread:

    Roey says hers is the "Noir" and that it has strong blue undertones. Your bag kinda looks like hers.
  3. ^ I think it might be Noir, because it's a dark grey, but in some lights, it does look dark blue. It is incredibly smooshy, now I get what you gals have been talking about! I am in Hong Kong now on a shopping holiday and there are several secondhand stores around. They are called Milan Station or Paris Station (think there might be a Tokyo station?) It's been discussed alot here on the forum and they are extrmely reputable, and in fact are recognized by the Hong Kong tourism authority. Mostly LV and Gucci in the stores, but they also have Hermes, maybe 5 paddies per store, 5 ediths, a few balenciagas and an odd assortment of others.

    Don't know what season, but I am telling you it looks new, so maybe the last? Does the serial number tell us anything? Both DH and me have scrutinised this bag closely for the last hour and it is mint. Thanks for the help!
  4. It's a beautiful bag, so enjoy! I wish we had reputable consignment stores in the US!

    I love paddingtons that are versatile in color (re: changing colors in the sun). My chocolate is the same way!
  5. Congratulations Minicoop, it is a beauty! It definitely looks like the '06 Noir which are tough to come by!! Great find and for pushing for a really great deal on it! :smile:
  6. Congratulations Minicoop! It definitely looks like the noir to me. I love this color!
  7. congratulations!
  8. Beautiful, and for such a great price. Congrats!
  9. It's gorgeous - congrats.
  10. I love Milan Station too - If only it wasn't in Hong Kong. :smile:

    Fantastic deal minicoop. Enjoy in the best of health :heart:
  11. Congrats, it's the new black aka dark grey. I have this colour and it's so versatile and makes a great ****ty weather bag. I crried her through all winter and not one single water stain.
  12. It's beautiful! Don't you just LOVE all the consignment stores in Hong Kong? LoL.
  13. Congratulations!!:smile: enjoy your new bag!
  14. Thanks so much everyone! I am so excited to get home and wipe her down a bit before using her. I am heading home later this evening but am hiding here in the hotel room as I don't think my credit card works anymore. It's crazy!
  15. congra! what a great start on your shopping trip!