New to LV - Is this repairable on my Neverfull??

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  1. I only VERY recently decided to pursue starting an LV collection. Before investing fully, I wanted to purchase a ‘pre-loved’ bag for a sort of test-run. I did some research and knew that any canvas cracking would be a no-no and love the bag I got. I do think the upper trim needs replaced which I’m more than happy to do but now I’m noticing that some of the corners of the canvas are rubbed and beginning to reveal red. Would this fall under “cracked canvas” territory and be considered a loss or if I take my bag in for the trim and handle repair/replacement would this be a non-issue?

    I’ve read too many stories of people taking bags in for repair and being turned away if there is any damage to the canvas and just trying to save myself a trip and cut my losses ahead of time if this is my likely response...

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  2. Not repairable.
  3. Dang. So the corner rubbing counts as cracking, and as such I can’t have the trim repaired? Making sure I’m not misunderstanding... I wish I’d realized that before making the purchase

    Thanks for replying —
  4. Sorry I misunderstood your question. You may be able to get the trim replaced despite this heavy corner wear. Take your bag to your local Louis Vuitton boutique, and get a quote from an SA. Good luck!
  5. Take it to the boutique and see what they say, or sell it and get a new one, gl!
  6. How long have you had the bag?
  7. I actually wouldn't spend any money getting the trim repaired with the damage to the canvas. It looks like it's been scratched, now showing the lining rather than cracked.

    If you got it cheaply, I wouldn't be too concerned as it isn't hugely noticeable and I'd just enjoy the bag. What does the trim look like? With the darker leather, I wouldn't have thought any creasing would have been noticeable?? Or is there some damage?

    I think i'd also get that red canvas sealed, to stop any moisture getting in. Bag/shoe repairers should be able to advise.

    Lovely bag!
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  8. I have only had the bag a few weeks, but the date code I believe is from maybe 09 (SP4059)
  9. Did you buy it with the corners like that? I’m asking because I’ve been buying LV for years and none of my bags have corners like that..
  10. Some of the trim is very well worn. I planned to repair it to prevent further damage to it and to hopefully prevent any canvas damage from the bad cracking on the trim (if I’m saying that in a way that makes sense). The handles and cinch straps are in good condition - it’s really just the top trim I’m worried about

    There are a couple of places like what’s in the picture, where it seems the trim is cracked all the way through (the canvas underneath is still in good condition though and hasn’t been affected - yet -

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  11. I did. Like I said, I’ve only had it a couple of weeks and purchased it in the exact condition it’s in now. I’ve spot cleaned the inside lining taking extra care when cleaning those corners inside because of the rubbing already on the outside. I did get the bag for what I think was a good price and don’t mind investing a couple hundred in repairs if they can actually be done
  12. Wow. I'm suprised that the dark leather has cracked like that. Perhaps you would be better getting that replaced.

    Have you only just purchased the bag? Any chance of returning it? Unless you got for a price that makes the repair worthwhile. Shame about the canvas rubbing though...

    *edit* sorry, we're posting at the same time!

    If the price makes the repair worthwhile then I'd do it. And I would also get those corners sealed too.Vuitton won't do that.
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  13. I did just purchase, but it was “as is.” I can resell but for the price I gave I don’t mind putting in a couple hundred to repair the trim if it’s an option, ya know. The canvas is my main concern upfront. I take very good care of my bags so I’m not overly concerned with damaging it further, but rather protecting the current state of the bag and improving if possible
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  14. it was such a good deal that it wasn't. i would just leave it as is, and make this your beater bag. paying a few extra hundred up front with preloved will get you a worlds different bag that won't need any repair at all. hope you find the solution that leaves you happiest.

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  15. I wouldn't waste another penny on this bag. If you have hundreds to spend on repair, why on earth didn't you just use that money to buy a bag in better condition? Imo this bag belongs in the trash not on your shoulder. Save up the money and buy it new. GL.