New to LV interested in the Batignolles Horizontal

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  1. Hello everyone my name is Amber and I am new to Louis Vuitton I have been looking at the Batignolles Horizontal.. I wanted to some feedback on this bag does anyone here have it? how do you like it? if possible could you please post some pictures and modeling ones thank you I really appeciate it.


  2. I have it and absolutely love it. I have a toddler and it is a very stylish and classy mama bag. It's a purse that can fit your baby stuff in it too. I can see it being good for work and school as long as you keep your load light.
    It is open though, with a hook closure. I don't mind that but others may. The buckle detail on the sides are great feature as you can unbuckle for a wider opening. Great for travel or a full day out with lots to lug around.
  3. I have it and use it for work and going shopping all the time. It holds a lot of stuff and is pretty comfortable. My only complaint is that the straps twist easily and it's uncomfortable on the shoulder so you have to keep untwisting it.
    Here is my thread with modeling pics:

    You should get it!
  4. thank you for the pictures. what wallet do you put with it?
  5. We have a wonderful tool call SEARCH!

    also a great thread on visuals...

    What the bag will hold .....

    BH club ....

  6. a friend has it and she loves that bag.
    she has been using it now for 1.5 years?
    its been her daily bag since she got it.
    we're both college students and it fits anything and everything she wants!
  7. thanks for all your help everyone. I hope to purchase this bag its very nice and elegant!:heart:
  8. My BH was my first LV and I love it!!!! It is such a great bag.
  9. My 2nd LV is BH, Im enjoying every minute with it!!! Its very comfy!:tup:
  10. The BH is my first LV bag and I love it! I carry it just about every day. My only complaint is that one of the straps always falls off my shoulder.
    I'll be putting this bag away for awhile as soon as my Galliera PM is delivered!
  11. I only have one wallet hehe so I just use my Chanel cambon with it...But you could use any wallet, large or small.
  12. welcome to tpf!!! i hope you enjoy your time here. the bh is a fantastic everyday bag. it fits my macbook, textbook, notebook, and phone - the perfect work or college bag.
  13. is the bag really heavy on your shoulder ?? or is it pretty comfortable?
  14. Well when I put a lot of stuff in it and I'm carrying it around for a while it gets heavy but I normally just use it to and from work so it's fine. The only time it gets uncomfortable is when the strap twists so it sits uncomfortably on the shoulder, but you can fix that easily.
  15. lol I just saw the new GALLERIA PM now I am like what one should I get!!!! I am leaning towards the Galleria PM I think its so cute !!!