New to LP....a couple questions...need help!!

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  1. Hi everyone, (I'm new here!) :smile: I just made my first LP purchase and received it today: A Dylan Zip Tote in Citrine. I looove the yellowish-tan color and it looks exactly as I thought it would (I thought the color would be great for Spring coming up too). However, I'm starting to have second thoughts already. I was wanting this bag for an "everyday" oversized bag that I can also take on vacations, to class, shopping, etc....but I am afraid the the lighter color leather will get dirty/ show marks easily. I definitely plan on treating the leather with Wilson's spray before using it out, but I still shudder to think about having to set it on the ground etc. Does anyone own an LP in Citrine and used it long enough to know if it shows dirt easily? I was thinking about either exchanging it for the same bag in Amethyst or sending it back and ordering the Dylan Patchwork Tote in Tobacco from Bluefly. (Or maybe I should just keep it and order the Patchwork Tote ALSO.....its only $297)....AHHHH DECISIONS!! :shrugs: What does everyone think?
  2. I have a LP in Marigold (a medium yellow) and mine hasn't gotten dirty yet but I also baby my bags a lot. If I were to use it as a daily bag, I bet it would get dirty easily. If I were you, I would exchange it for the amethyst.
  3. i have a dylan zip tote in smoke and i am also afraid that it might pick up dirt easily. i decided to keep it because i really love the style and color. the amethyst color is also very pretty but imho, the citrine is a more "everyday" color. from what i know, LP's are made of washed leather so it can easily be cleaned with just plain water. i personally prefer the style of the zip tote than the patchwork tote but if you have extra funds and you really like the tote, i'd say go for it. i haven't been been disappointed with my LP purchases so far. good luck on whatever you decide on :smile:
  4. Thanks for replying!!.....I already ordered the patchwork tote but I am still unsure with what I want to do about the Dylan Zip Tote.....I might exchange it for another color or style but I haven't decided yet...:confused1: